Plan 5

  1. Doorway – outer orders of arch collapsed, internal relieving arch intact
  2. Wall surface continues up without break to form soffit of pointed tunnel vault, also with south wall
  3. Aumbry
  4. Probable window splay
  5. Possible position of altar
  6. Form of vault over apse conjectured from architectural evidence
  7. Double piscina
  8. Jamb faced with large dressed stones for full width
  9. Jamb in random rubble with dressed stone quoins
  10. Step down
  11. Narrow ledges at bases of walls

[Additional notes: A. later access to second church; B. Grandmontine reveals]

Plan 5. South Chapel from Wright’s plan of the 1962 excavations at Craswall Priory, with a transcript of his manuscript notes

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