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The following sections are extracts from a short guide to Craswall Priory written in the late 1980s by one of the co-founders of the Craswall Grandmontine Society, the late Carole Hutchison.

The Order of Grandmont

Craswall Priory – historical outline

A few copies of Carole Hutchison’s standard book on the Grandmontine order, ‘The Hermit Monks of Grandmont’ (1989), are still available from the Society, at £10 plus p&p at cost – contact the Treasurer,  johnhg . shearman @btinternet.com (please remove the spaces to use). 

A .pdf file of the complete book is now available to download, free of charge, from the link at the foot of this page.

Also available (from Amazon) is G. Bresson, ‘Monastères de Grandmont: Guide d’histoire et de visite’ (2000, 2nd ed. 2013)


You might also like to know that Hereford Cathedral Library now holds the following collection of Grandmontine related books donated by Christopher Armstrong, a former Vice-Chairman of the Society.

The Library would welcome researchers who might like to use this collection.  See  Visiting the library | Hereford Cathedral for details of opening hours etc.

Gilles Bresson, Monastères de Grandmont : Guide d’histoire et de visite (2000)

R.P. Jean Fouquet & Frère Philippe-Etienne, Histoire de l’Ordre de Grandmont, 1074-1772 (1985)

L’art grandmontain Zodiaque (1984)

Cahiers Grandmontains

Cahier n°1 – Août 1990

Pascale GADE – La Meilleraie
Michel FOUGERAT – Les celles grandmontaines de Navarre

Cahier n°2 – Décembre 1990

Carole HUTCHISON -The hermit monks
Gérard JOHN – le prieuré de la Carte
Michel FOUGERAT -Les celles des départements 02, 03, 10, 12, 16, 17 (prieurés n°1 à 18)

Cahier n°3 – Mai 1991

Gilles BRESSON – La croix reliquaire d’Époisses
Pascale GADE – Une charte de Richard Cœur de Lion
Michel FOUGERAT – Les celles des départements 18, 19, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30 (prieurés n°19 à 43)

Cahier n°4 – Août 1991

Père Jean BECQUET – Le premier siècle de Grandmont
Michel FOUGERAT – Les celles des départements 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 39, 41 (prieurés n° 44 à 66)


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